Lynn Jung

Professional Freerunner 




Lynn Jung is a professional freerunner and parkour athlete based out of London UK and Luxembourg. Often referred to as one of the parkour scene’s leading female athletes,  Lynn has travelled the world to train and compete in some of the most renowned competitions within parkour. Only five years into her training, Lynn became the first woman to ever join the prestigious London based team “Storm Freerun”. After qualifying two consecutive years for the sport’s most popular competition “Red Bull Art of Motion” and winning the “Best Female” award in Santorini GR, Lynn was awarded a trophy of honour by her home country Luxembourg for her outstanding athletic achievements.

With over seven years of professional experience, Lynn has starred in multiple advertising campaigns and live shows around the world and has performed in films and TV shows in both supporting and stunt double roles. Over the years, Lynn has built a considerable online presence and - understanding the importance and value of social media - uses her platforms to give authentic insights into her training, connect with devoted followers and occasionally to promote her clients’ products in creative ways that align with her personal values and beliefs.

While Lynn’s sportive career has not been without any twists and turns, she only continues to gain momentum and remains one of the strongest female forces in parkour.