Lynn’s love of movement started at a very young age. Born in Luxembourg into a family of gymnasts, she grew up to become a competitive gymnast representing the Luxembourgish national team in countless national and international competitions. It was through gymnastics that Lynn realized her passion for dance and expanded her training beyond gymnastics into ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. As a young teenager, Lynn gained great confidence in her movement, performing soloist and principal roles in various classical and contemporary ballets. At the age of 18 her studies took her to Innsbruck Austria and a few years later to Umeå Sweden, where she continued her in-depth training in ballet and lyrical dance. In addition to her dance and gymnastics training, Lynn has also explored yoga and  circus arts, focusing on handstand acrobatics and aerial silks. 

It was in 2010 that Lynn was introduced to parkour and freerunning and immediately drawn to the discipline’s creative possibilities and physical challenges. Due to her extensive history in sports and her tireless work ethic, Lynn quickly excelled and rose in recognition throughout the freerunning world as one of the leading female practitioners in the sport. Her ambition to become a professional athlete led her to London UK, where she joined the world renown freerunning team Storm Freerun as their sole female athlete. For the past five years, Lynn has been performing and competing at some of the most acclaimed freerunning events around the world and was additionally given the opportunity to judge and live host some of the most prestigious competitions in the sport. 

With over a decade of performance experience, Lynn has featured in theatre, commercials, films, fashion events and on extended tours. As well as being a performer and competitor, Lynn also has many years of coaching experience.